Hard to believe that the Kaiser was actually Queen Victorias grandson and he appeared to live happily in santtuary for many years after WW1 ended in 1918 Millions of ordinary human beings fidnt

Misery at the front

Women doing hard work while men away at war

No end to it

Haig criticised  Welsh soldiers many total amatuers who were slaughtered by professionaly trained enemies at Mametz Wood Thousands killed

The Kaiser (Queen Victorias Grandson) had big ideas for himself that cost misery and the lives of millions of others but he got away with it

George King 5th trying to brush his German connections undertake carpet following end of World War 1

Royal Families of Europe most of whom were related by birth see,k to sweep under the carpet the pre they played or rather didn't play in the disastrous first world war including Britain's a king

Yes the Kaiser was actually Queen  Victorias grandson  Pity she didn't put him over her knee

The grandson of Queen Victoria was of course the German Kaiser who was deeply involved in the first world war which brought misery slaughter and suffering of her subjects

Hard to belive that Haig who commanded British Troops in the Great War insisted upon the execution of soldiers charged with desertion even though many were sufferings from illnesses caused bt tgeir involvement in the insane slaughter as a result of tactics employed

This is a one of the many British soldiers in the Great War shown no mercy and executed for desertion even though he was an ill man at the insistence of their very own commander in chief HAIG it's an unforgivable outrage

Human beings are fragile creatures but ruling classes such as the kaiser and others were quite content to overlook this in order to further tgeir own selfish objectives but they carried on with their own lives whereas millions of others lost theirs and didn't return to this green an pleasant land

This photo of Royal Kings of many Europe countries  with Tsar Kaiser and King Geoge   taken just before WW1  all vousins or otherwise related could have done a lot more using their kinship to avert the horrendous disaster of WW1 but look what happened