The ex public schoolboys in charge of England Rugby are running around like headless chickens desperately looking for a foreign coach instead of one of their own who have failed miserably in the recent past

They cannot risk one of their own click failing again so now clearly  seek to deflect possible criticism and dicontent with the way they operate and the ex public schoolboy system so hest to bring in a foreigner to carry the can and take the blame   😁😁😁😁  17/11/15



It's hard to believe that over the past 80 years or more Britain has produced very few tennis players, particularly Men capable of competetive at the highest level....Those who have come through recently e.g. Henman and latterly Murray did so only by virtue of the connections of their parents...So the question is what are the LTA doing to improve the situation so that kids from ordinary backgrounds have an opportunity to show their talents and get a chance to play successfully at the highest level...There is little confidences in the LTA organisation to achieve this   😦😦😦😦😦😦

Posted 19/11/15

........Since the Earlier post very pleased 😀😀😀 to hear and Well done to Andy Murray for speaking out about the way the LTA run things and their abject failure over many years to discover talent and develop the game to make it available for all kids whatever their backgrounds It's about time the LTA were shaken up and had a reality check

......Updated 1/12/15




Man United playing like robots and Gigg covering his mouth fearing lipreaders when talking to Van Gall in dug out.....its a good laugh  😂😂😂😂

Posted 28/11/15



After hours and hours of shall we say fruitfull 😁😁Chinwagging in France about so called Global Warming Diplomats will fly back all over the World using vast quantities of fossil fuel thereby adding to the so called called problem

Bet they will all claim that it's been a tremendous success

Well pull the other one

Posted 12/12/15



It is rediculous to build up an ex footballer as a potential great manager when the individual concerned has no experience whatsoever of working in that capacity... ..

Therefore appointing such a person as manager is nothing more than a gamble...A leap in the dark...

It may be successful or may not but to give the impression that success is inevitable is utter nonsense ..

So the hysteria around the likes of Gigg and others is unfair on them as well as being unreasonable and adds pressure upon them before taking up the role





How can a football club like Bolton Wanderers suddenly find themselves £170 millions in debt unable to pay wages and facing extinction Surely Surely they have a finance director don't they ? 😈😈

Posted 13/12/15



100 years or so ago on the first day of the battle of the Somme the Rritish suffered 60000 casualties...

How on earth did they cope with this all those years ago and how would they cope with it now.....

It's unthinkable but those who caused all this suffering went  unpunished and lived happily for many years after.......

Posted 29/12/15



.....For the first time in over 50 years Wales have qualified for the finals of a  major football tournament and let's hope they do well... However this demonstrates just how poor British nations are in discovering and developing talent despite it being the National game

....This situation has prevailed for many years and there is little signs that measures are in force that will bring about the improvements that are urgently required

Posted 6/1/16


.....Cameron making a big issue about reforming this organisation but very little will be achieved.

.......The main success of the whole set up is that it has helped to prevent the countries involved from war and destroying each other in huge numbers...but they still hate each other just below the surface


.....Will do almost anything as long as they get an exorbitant fee and will then try and justify it all by pathetically playing " it's all about them protecting human rights "...😃😃😃



Good stuff with a Biography of the Welsh Wizard....



Got to be one of Britain's greatest heroes


The Ex public schoolboys will all be dancing in the streets and feeling very pleased with themselves now they've won something

They will feed off this till the cows come home and they can now concentrate on which of their clique will be in the Boat Race

Its hard to believe that a football club like  Manchester United could contemplate paying £100 million for a player like Pogba What's happened to common sense.? 😂😂😂